Project History

The EWB UW-Madison Haiti project was involved in Haiti from 2002-2012. The project operated in Bayonnais, a region in the northern mountains of Haiti home to almost 80,000 people. In collaboration with EWB-SF (the San Francisco Professional Chapter of EWB), and the community group OFCB (Organization of the Christian Force of Bayonnais) , the Haiti project worked to provide solutions to local goals such as healthcare, crop yield improvements, and access to markets. During the project lifetime, EWB constructed a three-span vehicular bridge over a large river, installed a photovoltaic solar power system, and built a irrigation canal crossing.

The work conducted at UW-Madison will be continued by EWB-SF. They still operate in the community and hope to complete the community's first clinic within the coming years. We wish EWB-SF, OFCB, and the people of Bayonnais well as they tackle some of Haiti's biggest problems.

For more information on the people of Bayonnais and OFCB's mission please visit http://www.ofcbministries.org/

For more information about EWB-SF please visit http://www.ewb-sfp.org/

Contact the Haiti group at haiti.ewbuw@gmail.com

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